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1.10 Separation techniques

 Students should:

1.10 describe these experimental techniques for the separation of mixtures:

  • simple distillation
  • fractional distillation
  • filtration
  • crystallisation
  • paper chromatography

Each technique listed here is a method which can be used for the separation of mixtures of substances. Work through each method in turn .

1.10 Simple distillation

Distillation is used to separate liquids from one another.  Visit this page to see distillation in the laboratory and look at an industrial scale process.

1.10 Fractional distillation

 Find out about fractional distillation ; why it is different from simple distillation and how it can be used industrially

1.10 Crystallisation

Crystallisation can be used to separate a solid solute from its solvent. Re-crystallisation is used to purify samples obtained in the laboratory. But what is a crystal?

1.10 Filtration

Filtration is a simple technique used to separate insoluble solids from a solution. Recrystallisation is used as a laboratory  purification technique.

1.10 Chromatography

Chromatography is another important separation technique. Several different types of chromatography exist.