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1.37 Ionic bonding - transferring charge

 1.37 Electron transfer

A lightning strike contains billions of ions

Electrostatic forces are responsible for holding together the atoms in all substances. These forces are known as bonds, chemical bonds.

Chemical bonds are set up when electrons are transferred or shared between atoms. In this section we consider Ionic bonds . These form when atoms of metals transfer electrons to atoms of non-metals. The metal atoms lose electrons and become positive ions.  The non - metal atoms gain electrons and form negative ions. 

 1.37 Activity 1. Achieving a full shell

 Students should:

  • 1.37 understand how ions are formed by electron loss or gain

Watch the video closely pausing where instructed. Write down your answers to the following questions. 

  1. How do positively charged ions form from atoms?
  2. What are cations?
  3. How do anions form from atoms?
  4. What is the other word  used for outermost shell?
  5. When atoms form ions what can you say about the arrangement of electrons in the outermost shell

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